We have received first class service and attention!

We can't thank the staff at Focus Referrals enough for what they have done for our Dexter, especially James.
Dexter, has had his cataracts removed in both eyes, due to diabetes, and from our very first visit, we have received first class service and attention. Since surgery, Dexter is making great progress and has been given a new lease of life, with his confidence growing.
I would highly recommend this practice. Thank you all at focus referrals for your kind and continued support, for Dexter and us.

5 Stars


Mar 2024

You can trust you are in safe hands and they will only give you the treatment your pet absolutely needs.

My baby boy Rafi got diagnosed with glaucoma, sadly he has to have his eyes removed due to pain.. as hard as it was I am so thankful for everyone at Focus Referrals for looking after Rafi and giving him the best treatment! As well as me, as its not easy when your pets are sick or injured.

Everyone is very friendly, compassionate and highly educated, you can trust you are in safe hands and they will only give you the treatment your pet absolutely needs.

Thank you from me & Rafi

5 Stars

Rafi's owner

Mar 2024

Compassionate, expert care for your furry friend

I am beyond grateful for the exceptional care and expertise provided by Focus Referrals for my beloved cat, Smudge. From the moment we adopted Smudge, we knew he would require extra help due to his eye condition, which was later identified as entropion by Focus Referrals.

Prior to finding Focus Referrals, we encountered multiple challenges with other veterinarians who either couldn't diagnose Smudge's condition or prescribed treatments that only exacerbated his discomfort resulting in prolonged stress and pain for Smudge.

However, everything changed when we were referred to Focus Referrals. Their expertise shone through as they swiftly diagnosed Smudge's condition and presented us with a clear plan for corrective surgery. The team's professionalism and compassion were evident from the get-go, providing us with much-needed reassurance during a stressful time.

The surgery performed by Focus Referrals was nothing short of miraculous. Within a short span, Smudge underwent the procedure and emerged completely transformed. The success of the surgery not only alleviated Smudge's discomfort but also restored his quality of life. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Thanks to Focus Referrals, Smudge's life has been irrevocably changed for the better.

I cannot recommend Focus Referrals highly enough. If you're seeking compassionate, expert care for your furry friend, look no further than Focus Referrals. They truly are lifesavers!

Thank you, Focus Referrals, for giving Smudge a new lease on life. You've earned our deepest gratitude and admiration.

5 Stars

Philly J

Feb 2024

Is there a six star setting?

Our Staffy/Boston had a severe eye ulcer. I was convinced that she was going to lose her eye. I was also very worried that, because it was the weekend that the bill to try and save it was going to be thousands of pounds. Focus Referrals (James!!!) stabilised the eye over the weekend with a very confident (and competent) regime.

James reassured us, treated the eye with unbelievable professionalism. Our pooch didn't need surgery in the end, but I would have paid anything for the unbelievable service we received. James and Focus are the best vets I have ever experienced. Is there a 6-star setting?

5 Stars

Mr Flowers

Feb 2024

They care for their patients

Great veterinary practice that specialise in eyes. Good service and they care for their patients...

5 Stars


Dec 2023

Amazing work investigating my cat's eye problem.

Amazing work investigating my cat's eye problem. Fitted in an appointment for me at very short notice. Extremely thorough and explained everything really well.

5 Stars

L Kennedy

Nov 2023

Empathy and professionalism

Helen saved my cats eye. He had a corneal ulcer and our vets referred us as they feared he may end up needing eye removal. Helen was able to treat his eye medically and he has made a full recovery with both eyes and able to see perfectly fine. Throughout the process, we were treated with empathy and professionalism. My cat was understandably nervous, and Helen and the lovely nurse assisting her handled him so well, they were fully prepared with Feliway plugged in, dreamies on hand, and a litter tray. They were a breath of fresh air during a stressful time and I'm forever grateful for them saving my boys eye.

5 Stars


Sep 2023

Such love and care shown

Helen and the nurses who looked after Roxy when she had an ulcer on her eye were so great to her and us. Such love and care shown alongside in-depth knowledge.

5 Stars

Roxy's owner

Sep 2023

Confidence and trust

Mike Rhodes is an incredibly talented specialist vet who has been providing wonderful care to my dog for 12 years. He saved her sight and I have absolute confidence and trust in his clinical judgement. Not only that but he is a compassionate, kind and warm human being who understands what my dog means to our family. So grateful!

5 Stars


Sep 2023

This specialist eye veterinary practice is wonderful!

This specialist eye veterinary practice is wonderful! The vet we saw was super knowledgeable and very kind. The vet nurse staff were also great. My dog is quite nervous and everyone really made him feel comfortable and unafraid. His eye condition is improving. I warmly recommend.

5 Stars


Sep 2023