Approximate price list inclusive of VAT.

Please note the surgical prices are a guide only. Prices may vary slightly based on your pets individual bodyweight.

Approximate price list inclusive of VAT

Please note the surgical prices are a guide only. Prices may vary slightly based on your pets individual bodyweight.

Initial referral consultation£235.00
Initial referral consultation emergency (office hours)£330.00
Initial referral consultation emergency (out of office hours)£415.00
Follow-up consultation£150.00
Follow-up consultation same day emergency£185.00
Follow-up consultation out of hours£250.00
Ocular in-consultation ultrasound scan£135.00
Cataract surgery – 1 eye£4000-4100
Cataract surgery – 2 eyes£5000-5100
Lens luxation surgery£3900-4000
Corneal grafting procedure – 1 eye£2300-2400
Corneal cross-linking followed by corneal grafting procedure - 1 eye£2900-3000
Superficial keratectomy – 1 eye£1300-1400
Superficial keratectomy – 2 eyes£1700-1800
Limbal melanoma surgery (debulking and cryotherapy)£3000-3100
Corneal cross-linking - 1 eye£1600-1800
Corneal cross-linking - 2 eyes£2100-2200
Corneal sequestrum surgery£2500-2600
Corneal FB removal (non-complicated)£1700-1800
Corneal FB removal (complicated)£2200-2300
Thermokeratoplasty - 1 eye£1300-1400
Thermokeratoplasty - 2 eyes£1900-2000
Eyelid surgery - mass removal£1600-2000
Eyelid surgery - entropion (simple) - 2 eyes£1900-2200
Eyelid surgery - entropion (complex) - 2 eyes£2800-4000
Distichiasis surgery£1500-1800
Ectopic cilia resection£1000-1100
Cherry eye surgery – 1 eye£1400-1500
Cherry eye surgery – 2 eyes£1700-1800
Scrolled third eyelid cartilage surgery£1100-1500
Eye removal£1700-1800
Intrascleral prosthesis implantation£1900-2000
Parotid duct transposition surgery – 1 eye£2700-2800
Diode laser iris cyst / melanoma - 1st procedure£1600-1700
Diode laser iris cyst / melanoma - 2nd/3rd procedure£1000-1100
Diode laser micropulse (glaucoma) - 1st procedure£1700-1800
Diode laser micropulse (glaucoma) - 2nd/3rd procedure£1200-1300

Please note, all treatment received out of hours will incur a 50% surcharge on the above fees.

BVA/KC/ISDS eye test fees inclusive of VAT

(Please note these fees are set by the BVA)

1 dog£63.00
Extra dog same owner£57.00
Group testing (25 or more)£45.00
Dogs over 8 years£36.00
Gonioscopy per dog£63.00
Gonioscopy at same time as eye test£57.00
Litter screen 1-3 puppies£39.00
Per puppy thereafter£12.50 per puppy
Duplicate copy of certificate£40.00
Incorrect paperwork admin fee£15.00

Administration fees inclusive of VAT

Direct insurance claim admin fee£25.00
Prescription fee 1 item£16.00
Prescription fee 2 items£18.50
Prescription fee 3 items£21.00