Cataract Surgery - why Focus?

If your pet is diagnosed with cataracts you may choose to visit an ophthalmology referral service to have these assessed and potentially, surgically removed. Our information sheet on cataracts can tell you more about what a cataract is and how we might treat them.

Why choose Focus Referrals?

  • Mike Rhodes, a diploma holding specialist in ophthalmology, has vast experience of this procedure having carried out over 600 cataract surgeries during his career.
  • Rather than compiling commercial packages and advertising, we rely on the trust of referring vets and previous clients for recommendations.
  • As a small, ophthalmology only clinic, we are able to offer one to one care for your pet in a calm environment. Your pet will be treated as an individual on the day of their visit and cared for by our team of pet-owning professionals.
  • We carefully assess each patient to check that it is definitely the right decision to proceed with the surgery. For this reason we do not include the consultation in a 'bundle' price as we will not operate unless this is the right thing for your pet and you.
  • We will allow plenty of time to honestly discuss the benefits and risks for your individual pet and inform you fully of the commitments required after cataract surgery.
  • We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities and an environment specifically designed for the care of ophthalmology patients.
  • At Focus Referrals, we carefully price this complex procedure to reflect the level of expertise and quality of facilities used to care for your pet. As an independent clinic we want to feel comfortable that we are charging an ethical and reasonable price. We transparently display our prices on our website and are happy to discuss a detailed estimate directly with you.

If you’d like to find out more about how Focus can treat your dog’s (or cat’s) cataracts, please ask your vet to contact us or give us a call on 01295 238160.