Environmental sustainability means a lot to our team at Focus Referrals and we are taking steps to minimise the adverse affects of our services on the planet.

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives at Focus Referrals

Waste production and disposal

We are constantly evaluating how we dispose of our different waste categories. Our overall goal is to generate as little waste as possible but when generated, recycle as much of our waste as possible. Where this is not possible, such as with clinical waste, we aim to choose disposal methods with minimal impact on the environment. We are in the process of researching reusable drapes and surgical gowns which do not compromise our clinical standards but do minimise the waste generated from surgical procedures. We already use reusable surgical hats and gloves for cleaning.

Our facilities

Our building was developed with the environment in mind. We invested in extra insulation to improve our building's efficiency, heat source pump technology instead of gas, energy efficient appliances and space for drying washing outside. Our large bin stores enable thorough segregation of our waste. We have electric car charging stations available for the use of staff and clients in our car park.


We have reduced our stock delivery frequency to once weekly, have invested in uniforms made from recycled materials and are investigating our supplier's environmental credentials with care.

Paper usage

We are embracing paper free technology to manage our staff, accounting, payroll and patient records. Any shredded documents can be reused for animal bedding or recycled.