About us

Focus Referrals is an independent, specialist-led veterinary ophthalmology referral service for dogs, cats and rabbits. We are based at our state-of-the-art clinic in Banbury, providing convenient access from the M40.

We welcome pets from all over the UK for consultations in ophthalmological problems. We perform advanced ophthalmological surgeries in our purpose built surgical suites including cataract surgery, eyelid/facial reconstructions, corneal grafts, cherry eye repositioning and diode laser treatment.

What makes Focus Referrals different?

The best things come in the smallest packages!

Focus Referrals is a small referral centre compared to many others in the UK. The advantages of our smaller scale are:

  • We are able to offer a more personalised approach to every patient, owner and referring vet, keeping good communication at the forefront of everything we do.
  • The clinic provides a calm environment, compared to many other busy hospitals, as less animals are together at any one time.
  • We can allow plenty of time to do things properly. This allows us to take care of each patient with the empathy, careful decision making and high quality clinical skills which each one of them deserves.

We concentrate entirely on eyes

Focus Referrals deals entirely with eyes (apart from a couple of times a month where a like minded cardiology specialist makes use of our hospital for out-patient clinics). This means that every member of staff is dedicated to ophthalmological care and our facilities are designed with the best possible care of eyes in mind.

We are independent

Focus Referrals is a family owned business which was set up by two vets who wanted to do things well - both for the patients they treat, the vets who refer them and for the people they employ.

With no corporate ownership, we are free to make the decisions that we feel are the best for everyone! We believe in being transparent in our pricing and charging a price that reflects the advanced nature of the service we provide but that we feel is reasonable and not inflated.

We are specialist led

The word 'specialist' in veterinary medicine refers specifically to a veterinary surgeon who has gained rigorous training from other specialists, had years of experience in their specific field, passed the highest level of examination to become a diplomate and then continued to be monitored to ensure their knowledge meets the standards required to meet the 'specialist status'.

Mike Rhodes, the founder of Focus Referrals, is one of a limited number of Veterinary Ophthalmologists in the UK to achieve specialist status, being both a RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and European Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology. He is able to use his knowledge and years of experience to lead our carefully chosen clinical team. Mike is also an appointed eye panellist, which means he can issue official BVA/KC/ISDS eye test certificates for the Eye Scheme.

Mike leads a clinical team, including our veterinary resident James, advanced practitioner Helen and five Registered Veterinary nurses, who provide the highest possible standard of care to every patient.

To find out more about the qualifications of our clinical team please visits our FAQs.