For Vets

For advice on a case please email

If you would like to refer a routine, non-urgent case then please follow the link below and complete the required fields. Please also complete and return the referral form below.
(This process should take no longer than 1 minute and can be done by a colleague in your practice if you are busy consulting.)

Book Appointment Referral Form

Referral Form

In addition to making the booking please complete the referral form with any relevant history.

Emergency appointments

For same day, emergency appointments please telephone the host practices directly

  • Mondays - Hawthorne Lodge - 01295 259446
  • Tuesdays - Hart Vets - 01296 651000
  • Wednesdays - Hilltop Vets - 01865 736060
  • Thursdays - Croft Vet Centre - 01280 703451
  • Fridays - Bicester Vets - 01869 252077

As an alternative you can fill in our online emergency referral form and we will contact your client directly.

Out of hours support?

Focus Referrals offers emergency out of hours advice to referring veterinary

Please call 01295 983950 and leave your details with the messaging service. Focus Referrals will then get back to you.


Out of hours consultations can be arranged if deemed necessary but all out
of hours treatment incurs additional costs (see price list).

Consultations include

  • Slit-lamp biomicroscopy
  • Tonometry
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Gonioscopy

Further investigations available

  • Ocular ultrasonography
  • Electroretinography

Surgical procedures performed

  • Cataract extraction via phacoemulsification including artificial lens implantation
  • Lens luxation surgery
  • Corneal grafting surgery
  • Entropion and eyelid reconstruction surgery
  • Distichia and ectopic cilia surgery
  • Cherry eye repositioning surgery
  • Medial canthoplasty
  • Evisceration and intrascleral prosthesis implantation
  • Parotid duct transposition

Are you worried about referring your client to a neighbouring practice?

All Focus Referral clients will not be able to register with any of the host practices unless they are already registered there. For all other general veterinary services clients will need to return to their own veterinary surgeons.


We request that all invoices are paid for by our clients at the time of treatment.

However, on occasions such as embarking on a large elective operation we can arrange a direct claim. This has to be pre-authorised with the insurance company and as you know, this process can take up to 72 hours.

Please see our guide to direct insurance claims for further information.

If you have a specific query regarding your client's insurance policy then please contact us on

Ocular conditions

Our small animal ocular conditions page contains links to information sheets for your clients covering some common ocular conditions.


Focus Referrals is committed to providing good quality, practical CPD to it’s referring veterinary surgeons. This can be in the form of evening ‘road shows’ where we will visit your practice, an evening talk at a specified location for larger groups or day-courses. If you would like to request CPD at your practice please email