For Pet Owners

If your pet is suffering from an eye problem then your own vet may recommend referral to Focus Referrals.

New referrals

For routine, non-urgent NEW referral appointments your own vet or one of the veterinary staff will make an appointment via this web-site using the links. Your vet will also email us all of the relevant clinical history and details regarding your pet’s eye problem.

Please note that new referral appointments (if you are being referred to Focus Referrals for a new eye condition) must be made by your own vet or member of veterinary staff.

Follow-ups and Eye tests

For routine, non-urgent follow-up appointments (if you are seeing Focus Referrals for an ongoing eye condition) and BVA eye test appointments, you can make the appointment via the following button.

Book Appointment

Emergency appointment

For emergency appointments please see your own vet first, who can then make the appropriate arrangements by telephone with Focus Referrals directly.

The appointment itself

Please arrive at your appointment 10 minutes before your allocated time. Please do not feed your pet on the morning of the appointment unless he/she is diabetic. Food up until 8pm the night before is permitted and water can be given on the day of the appointment. This means that if any further testing and/or surgery are required it can be carried out the same day. A full written report will be emailed to your own vet following the consultation.

A new referral appointment may take up to 60 minutes.

A follow-up appointment may take up to 30 minutes.

An BVA eye test may take up to 15 minutes


Please arrive 30 minutes before the allotted appointment time so that appropriate eye drops can be given to your dog.

Please bring either the KC registration Certrificate or ISDS certificate (see below for examples). Failure to do so will mean the result of the test cannot be given.

Kennel Club registration certificate
ISDS registration certificate

Further testing and surgery

Depending on your pet’s eye problem further testing and/or surgery may be performed on the same day as your appointment. Although we would always aim to get your pet home the same evening, sometimes our patients need to stay with us overnight to fully recover from the sedation/general anaesthetic.


Please see the price-list for the approximate fees. A more detailed estimate can be given at the time of consultation.


We request that all invoices are paid for at the time of treatment. 

If you have pet insurance we will assist you in completing the claim as quickly as possible to ensure you are reimbursed as soon as possible.

However, on occasions such as embarking on a large elective operation such as cataract surgery we can arrange a direct claim, which means the insurance company pays Focus Referrals directly minus any administration fee and the excesses. This has to be pre-authorised with the insurance company and this process can take up to 72 hours.

Please note this agreement does not constitute a contract between your insurance company and Focus Referrals and that in the event that the insurance company do not pay or fail to pay within 42 days the final balance will need to be paid by yourself. (please see: terms and conditions).

Please see our guide to direct insurance claims for further information.

Out of hours care

Out of office hours and in an emergency situation, please contact your own veterinary surgeon. Your own veterinary surgeon can then liaise directly with Focus Referrals. Please note that if an out of hours, emergency appointment is required including treatment, additional charges will apply (please see: price-list).

Ongoing non-ocular veterinary care

Focus Referrals is a specialist, veterinary ophthalmic practice that only treats conditions of or related to the eye. You may not register your pet with any of the host practices we work out of (unless you are already registered there) and for all other general veterinary services you will need to return to your own vets.

Ocular conditions

Please see our small animal ocular conditions page for more information regarding some common conditions affecting your pet’s eyes.